Anna and the Real Girls

I finally took Anna to Disney World, the high church of the princess worshipper. Autograph book and sparkly shoes: check. Wait in line for an hour: check.  Then…. WHAT is UP with THAT? I cannot adequately describe her reaction…. You’ll just have to see it for yourself:





Surrounded by little girls squealing like their grandmas at the Beatles, Anna was… completely stone faced. Not the least bit engaged. And the women tried; oh, they tried. Personable, engaging… “Cinderella” even pointed out that they both wore sparkly shoes. But Anna was having none of it. She followed the directions of the handler, marching from princess to princess, accepting hugs, looking like she’d rather be anywhere else. At least she wasn’t rude until she got to the last one, “Ariel”:

“Ariel”: How are you today? I love your necklace.

Anna: You’re not Ariel.

“Ariel”: Oh, yes, dear, I am. How old are you?

Anna: You’re not Ariel.

“Ariel”: I love your blue eyes. They match my dress!

Anna: You’re not Ariel.

“Ariel”: Would you like to try on my crown?

Anna: You are not Ariel.

“Ariel”: Yes. I. Am.

… and so on. “Ariel” got as close to snappish as I’ve ever seen a character actress get. I’m sure these actresses have encountered worse, but I was completely unprepared for this.

I am sure that I planted the seeds of her dissent one way or another, but I was super excited about this particular trip. It might surprise you to hear that I love Disney World. LOVE IT. I love fantasy, as long as it’s clear that it’s fantasy, and what better place to indulge that than at Disney World?  Anna’d started the day dressed as a princess herself (we had to change clothes on the way… she was either over-excited or carsick or both). We were both completely prepared to give ourselves over to it, to spend our day happily indulging in the dream. Anna had spent days spinning scenarios of that first meeting: what they’d talk about, how she’d smile. She was so excited see the real Disney princeses!

Until, that is, she actually met one.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I love this. Love her! Maybe it’s the look on her face, or maybe it’s the fact that those women really don’t look like the dolls/movies/books that she is used to seeing, yet they are trying so hard to keep up the fantasy. I only hope that this doesn’t shatter her innocence in some way. Maybe you can come up with a “princess helper” story like we do for Santa Claus?

  2. p.s. Elliot doesn’t like this because he “only wants to see Anna happy”. Sigh…..

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