When you know each other too well

Me: So, um, I got a parking ticket.

Him: Let me guess: your registration expired because you haven’t gotten the smog check taken care of.

Me: Yes.

Him: Your birthday was three months ago.

Me: Yes.

Him: You’ve lived in California ten years.

Me: Yes.

Him: And you have to get a smog check every other year.

Me: Yes.

Him: But you hate to take your car in because mechanics intimidate you.

Me: Yes.

Him: And when they ask you questions you call your husband because you don’t understand cars and then you feel like a dumb girl.

Me: Yes.

Him: Which is why you’ve never once in 10 years actually taken your car in yourself.

Me: Yes.

Him: This is passive-aggressive.

Me: Yes.

Him: Also, effective.

Me: Yes.

Him: Give me your keys.

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