Feeling sorry for the random 10-year-old boy who got ‘preschooled’ in the grocery store today

Mom, forgetting they are in public, to 10-year-old son: “Let’s go, Stinky. Dad’s waiting.”

Anna, immediately barnacling herself to the victim and following them all the way to the parking lot, when I finally used bodily force to intervene: “Stinky? STINKY! Your name is STINKY? Wow. That’s a GREAT name. STINKY STINKY STINKY. Do you like being called STINKY? I would! Can I be STINKY too? I’ll be STINKY ANNA. Are you STINKY something or just plain STINKY? Either one is SO COOL. STINKY STINKY STINKY. MOM! Guess what his name is???? IT’S STINKY!!!!

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