Things you really shouldn’t talk about on the internet…

… but I will anyway. Here’s my first question:

How much nudity do you allow your kids to enjoy?

And I say  enjoy with intent. My daughter relishes being naked. It seems she doesn’t distinguish between stages of dress; whether she’s bundled or bare-bottomed, as long as she’s warm enough she’s happy.

All this has made “what we do inside our house” and “what we do outside our house” a completely fabricated distinction when it comes to clothing. Especially because we live in a truly inside-outside house — there are French doors from her bedroom onto the back yard and we have a privacy fence; on warm days, which are many, she runs in and out in all states.

And as it falls to me to get her ready to live somewhere other than here and to be something other than a little kid, once again I’m asking the question: what am I teaching her and how might this play out? I’m thrilled that she’s comfortable in her body and I want to hang onto that; I’m also keenly aware that she’s four, of course, and it’s time for more boundaries.

But even as she grows up and moves out into the world, her life at home and at school still looks much the same. At her school the boys and girls still share a bathroom, and there isn’t a door in sight; I don’t think she’s yet learned to close our bathroom door, either, so occasionally her playdates squawk  that Anna’s showing her naughty bits again and then look to me in terror that I’ll make them do the same.

So I gather I’m comparatively loose-reined here. But I don’t know. So I ask you: how’s it work in your house?

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