Science Cheerleaders: real or not real?


The Science Cheerleaders are former pro-cheerleaders-turned-real-life-scientist who wear skimpy outfits and wave their assets to attract young girls into science-based careers. Led by what are clearly good intentions, how could these women bypass Common Sense so completely and end up thoroughly lost in WTF Land?

Don’t these women realize that objectifying yourself with a college degree in your pocket is still objectifying yourself? That owning your sexuality and selling it are two very different things?

It’s perfectly fine with me if my daughter wants to dress up in skimpy outfits and shake pom-poms or if she wants big boobs or whatever. I want her to be  in touch with the power of her sex appeal. I just hope she is judicious. That her pom pom shaking plays for a very limited, and carefully selected, audience. That she knows the difference between one’s private body and one’s public one, and that she dresses each appropriately. That she explores the reaches of her sex appeal at the right time, preferably before graduate school, but at least when she’s old enough to be responsible for her choices but young enough that public displays of are still — relatively — acceptable.

I can’t put my finger on it, but something about these well-meaning ambassadors rubs me exactly the wrong way. Is it possible that they are doing more harm than good? How could that be, if they do manage to get young girls to dream of hefty careers and college educations? Maybe it’s because they seem to be trying to send the message that you can be a bimbo and be accomplished, but the message I’m receiving is that even if you are accomplished, it’s still okay to be a bimbo. Which it is not. That is never okay, because that just isn’t trying hard enough. You don’t lose anything by tucking your sexy under a lab coat. When you’re in the lab, dear, then that’s exactly where it belongs.

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  1. This is the problem with being feminist! A true feminist should believe that every woman has the right to do or be whatever she wants to do or be, regardless of whether we agree with it. But you definitely won’t see me shaking my thing for science that’s for sure!

  2. Just watched the whole thing – maybe I could get on board if they demonstrated mitosis by interpretive dance, but this is pure sex-appeal, nothing more. Booo.

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