How not to take your kid to the doctor

1. Assume she has a cold because she has green stuff coming out of her nose.
2. Assume she has a bad cold because she says her throat hurts.
3. Assume she is throwing up because “kids throw up when they’re sick.”
4. Assume that one night of 103-degree fever was a one-off because the call-in nurse said kids get high fevers and to give her tylenol instead of ibuprofen and when you did this her fever broke.
5. Assume that she is all better because she hops around the house the next morning, giggling maniacally at, you assume, her return to extreme good health.
6. Assume her fever is back the next night because she ran around too much celebrating her return to extreme good health.
7. Assume she’s sleeping more and eating less because she’s getting over being sick.
8. Assume the patches of dry skin are because of all the baths you’ve given her because they felt good to her which, you assume, was because she felt feverish.
9. Assume that when she wakes up on Sunday with a pimply rash that it couldn’t possibly be related to that cold she had.
10. Don’t assume that once you’re finally gathered at the doctor’s office on a Sunday and the doctor is diagnosing strep that has now led to an all-over skin infection, don’t assume that at that point the doctor won’t look you in the eye and say, “Next time, bring her in sooner.”

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  1. Oh no! Poor sweet girl. Luckily antibiotics work quickly, hope she’s feeling better soon. And don’t beat yourself up about it, I would have waited until I saw the rash too.

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