MTV’s ‘Skins’ is ‘most dangerous’ show ever for kids: Parents Television Council

I probably would never have heard of this show if the Parents Television Network hadn’t given it this huge dose of publicity. Now I just have to watch it. My first thought, seeing the photos, was that the kids on it look effectively hungover, pasty and sweaty and a little bit sick.

Remember college? How you’d wake up with booze breath in yesterday’s clothes (if any) feeling like you were about to hurl and immediately kiss someone? I imagine this show will feel like that.

Except that was college. This is apparently high school, with much of the writing and producing and all of the acting provided by teens. Gritty, raw, whatever: I don’t think we need this on TV, but then again I like my entertainment just like my four-year-old likes hers: costumed and scripted and delivering fantasies crafted by adults.

It’s not that teens can’t provide the verisimilitude and emotional connections teen viewers crave and supposedly will get from this show; it’s that television is a complicated medium that should be manipulated by people who know what they’re doing and are old enough to be fully and legally responsible for what they put out there.

But I’ll withhold further judgment until I see this. Go ahead, MTv, make my day.

MTV’s ‘Skins’ is ‘most dangerous’ show ever for kids: Parents Television Council.

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