Silly stuff I’ll never, ever, ever take for granted.

Anna’s home from school all week this week, both of our jobs are demanding a full complement of time and energy and our babysitters are all on vacation. It’s the perfect storm of stress. All we need is an impromptu airplane trip on Wednesday night.

So you can understand, I’m sure, even if you have yet shared this experience, why I took a magazine and a cup of tea with me into the bathroom. Seriously. It wasn’t what you might think it was. It was five minutes of peace.

Unless you’ve had a full 24 hours on-demand you might have to stretch to empathize with my pathetic attempt at relaxation. That’s okay.

About three minutes into my five-minute holiday, she pokes a straw under the door and jabs my foot, giggling maniacally. I kick it back, which she finds uproariously funny. So, of course, she pokes me again: “Mommy. Mom. MOM! Look here. Here. Look! (poke poke poke) HERE. Kick it. kick it kick it kick it kick it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Another minute of this and I’m truly annoyed (and if you’re saying to yourself, “just tell her to stop,” you’re welcome to hang out with us tomorrow). I realize that I now hear her “Mommy. Mom. MOM!” in my sleep. And you know what?

That’s just fine with me.


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