If you are a mother who works at home, you …

  • Have gotten used to being called a SAHM and asked to cover the 10 AM shift at the school bookfair
  • Type one handed
  • Hide the good printer paper
  • Save the best clothes not for happy-hour Thursdays but for school pick-up
  • Can pick your way noiselessly through a darkened house and start up your computer using only your sense of touch
  • Have a favorite remedy for cleaning peanut butter off the keyboard
  • Sing lullabies/recite stories/review homework while composing in your head
  • Keep washable markers in your pencil cup and a “just in case” treat in your desk drawer
  • Can locate and activate a phone’s mute without looking and in under half a second
  • Think “casual Friday” means pajamas, “sick day” has nothing to do with YOU staying in bed and “lunch hour” means grilled cheese and apples
  • Know every note of the closing tunes for Dora and the Little Einsteins
  • Wonder how much more productive you could be if toilets came with lapdesks

What would you add here? Put it in the comments:

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  1. You know you are a “work at home mom” when: You can unplug the toilet while combing your child’s hair; you do a pretty good Homer Simpson impression; you know the combination to three bike locks, four school lockers, and the lock on your teen daughter’s diary; you haven’t bought a camisole in seven years; you use vaseline as night cream; you can make a complete and balanced diet for yourself out of bread crusts and apple cores; and, last but not least, you have kind of forgotten your husband’s middle name….xo molly

    • What’s a camisole? 🙂 I think I used to own those. Back before I occasionally bought undies at places other than Target.

  2. I knew I was a work at home Mom when I found myself literally THROWING ice cream sandwiches as hard as I could so my kids would run after them and I could finish my phone conversation with a customer.

    I also know I’m a work at home Mom because I say, “IN A MINUTE!” no less than 40 badjillion times a day..

    LOVE your list!


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