Qualifiers I Wish People Wouldn’t Use: “Girl Accused of Poisoning Adoptive Family”

Why the qualifier adoptive? I don’t see how it is relevant, at this point. Perhaps it will become so, but now?

I wish the media, and everyone else, would get this straight: once an adoption is finalized, a family is a family, with all of the rights, responsibilities, emotions, angsts, trials, and joys of a family formed by birth.

Angry and disturbed teenage girls are part of all sorts of families, and have all sorts of backgrounds. It may very well prove relevant that she was abandoned by her family in Mexico and adopted at 9, in fact, it’s hard to imagine that is not a key part of the story.

But it isn’t now.

Now, it clouds the story as it is. It carries the danger of people reacting with an “Oh, she’s adopted, that explains it …” or just as perilous, tucking it into their subconscious memories as something to warn potential adopters about. Could we wait until that matters?

At the moment, we have a disturbed girl, an alarming and long-term attack, a frightened family… isn’t that enough?

Florida Girl Accused of Trying to Poison Adoptive Family.

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