On penises and my daughter

Thinking of that word within six words of my daughter requires me to acknowledge, at least on some level, that she will one day grow up. NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo! But she threw me over that hurdle yesterday when she walked into the kitchen, pointed to the underside of the dog and said, “That’s his penis.”

Okay, she’s four, perfectly of an age to know the correct terms for anatomy. And she does, thankyouverymuch, for the ones that apply to her. It’s just that neither of us can recall addressing the other ones with her yet (see above re: acknowledging growing up) and so by all appearances it seems she just pulled that out of thin air.  And it’s not the kind of subject, like ice cream flavors or the existence of Sasquatch, that I relish dropping out of thin air. On my kid.

So, the lesson for today: she’s gonna learn, you know, stuff, and ignoring said stuff won’t make that not happen so I’d best straighten up and teach her before she learns, you know, some other way.

Whew. I’m glad I got that one out of the way with just a vocabulary word. And a dog.

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  1. We know all about penises here. As for the girl parts? Charlie asks me “why do girls have two bottoms?” Sigh. He’s almost four.

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