Why You Must See Unretouched Images, and Why You Must See Them Repeatedly

I know you have bigger things to care about than whether or not Jennifer Aniston has freckles, but bear with me. I’m trying to raise a daughter over here. #photoshopofhorrors, an occasional series at Jezebel, takes to task media outlets that photoshop images of women, presenting instead distortions that pander to a beauty ideal and speak far too loudly. Particularly to young women, and anyone else who, for whatever reason, wrestles with body image and adequacy.

We have, actually, been talking about this for a long time. But it won’t go away, will most likely only get worse as access to media expands and new crops of young women come along — and they just keep coming along — to wrestle with it.

Jezebel published this brief email exchange, with just a hint of glee, and it promises more. The exchange between Jezebel’s editors and lawyers and those hired to shield Aniston reads a bit cute but hits a rock-solid note. Regardless of what Jezebel’s story is or isn’t about (which is of far more concern to the website than to me), we should all consider what we do and do not endorse in our media  — whether we’re the reader, the editor, or the megastar at the center of it all, making zillions of dollars while frolicking on the beach.

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